Monday, 18 January 2010

Waxwing dip - serves me right!!

After a fruitless (no puns please!) 2 hr wait for the Waxwing, with only 4 Blackbirds, 2 Fieldfare and a Redwing, with a flyover Sparrowhawk of note! I departed for Whitlingham.

Whitlingham was much better, with a large number of birds and surprisingly large number of 'birders'! The Red-necked Grebe was pointed out, initially distantly against the reeds, but then better mid broad (still not close enough to attempt a pic). The 1st win drake Scaup was seen amongst the Tufted Duck, along with female Ruddy Duck, Smew and Goosander. The Great Northern Diver spent about 95% of its time underwater, which made for fun pointing it out to others! I didn't take mt scope, rather seconded someone else's on the merits that I pointed the birds out to them! Dudie-dudie. A Kingfisher perched out for about 10 min.

Later this Barn Owl was seen SE of Garveston - note the left leg, ring or leather strap?

Norfolk Bird Info to:
Mobile: 07749779149

Norfolk 364 BOU, 376 UK400, Year 109, Route 75, Sp 59, SM 47, SF 32

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