Thursday, 7 January 2010

Snow Work!

What should be a 40 min journey to work took 2hr 20 min this morning! I detoured, believing going through Thornage would not be a good idea, so went via Saxthorpe and hit a standstill north of Edgefield, as cars refused to climb the hill.
Whilst waiting two Buzzards mewed as they circled out of their roost and off to forage for food. A Marsh Tit 'P-choo'd'(?), previously a Barn Owl was seen again ghostly quartering N of Wood Norton.
An early return home produced a small skein of Pink-footed Goose flying west. 4 Mandarin flew over Guist Bridge, cruising down into the river, out of view. This is the largest number I have seen at this site. Another (this time Route list bird) Buzzard was seen soaring over Sennowe Park.

Norfolk Bird Info to:
Mobile: 07749779149

Norfolk 364 BOU, 376 UK400, Year 101, Route 60, Sp 25, SM 0

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