Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Sparham Pools: Local Patch #1

Living in Dereham somewhat restricts good local birding. However, the Wensum Valley is not too far away and there are some interesting sites along the river course, including the Sparham Pools complex (and area to the east) and Swanton Moreley. I hope to visit both these on a regular basis, with the first visit to Sparham made this morning.

Parking by the bridge and walking along the road into the Local Nature Reserve area, was met with constant light snowfall. This continued throughout the trip and soon curtailed the visit as it was obvious this was keeping bird activity to the minimum. All open areas of water were frozen and not a single species of wildfowl was seen! Highlights included Marsh Tit and Nuthatch, both located as they called in a reasonably sized tit flock. 50 Common Gull fles over in small groups, heading NW - amazingly the only gull species seen! A Woodcock croaked as it flew from near my feet and a Water Rail squealed.

25 species were noted!

This friendly Robin came to investigate me! It was amazing to see its heart beating so quickly, under its fluffed feathers, trying to keep warm.
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