Sunday, 17 January 2010

Appearing at a Local Farm Near You!

Whistling while you work...

Can anyone 'identify' the last two!

Norfolk Bird Info to:
Mobile: 07749779149

Norfolk 364 BOU, 376 UK400, Year 107, Route 75, Sp 59, SM 47, SF 32


  1. I take it that these were taken at Blakeney?

    The bottom bird's dark colour and reddish eye make me think African Pochard, so I would guess at African Pochard x Greater Scaup. The top could be a male version of the same hybrid, or could be within range for Pochard x Scaup.

  2. David Norgate aka Ruralchill18 January 2010 at 20:27

    Actually, these were taken at a place called Melsop Farm nr Watton (my daughter had her birthday party there, before you ask!!)

    Interesting thoughts about the hybrids, wouldn't have thought of that!!

    PS went across to Whitlingham today (as you might have read) hope the Scaup sticks around for you to see it - 'nice' bird!

  3. Aha, that explains the "farm" part, I did wonder! Thanks, I hope so too. I keep looking at the sunset times to work out when I can start going out after work, but I'm still a while off yet!

  4. The bottom one has something of New Zealand Scaup about it

    The other looks dodgier than some Norfolk yealists.