Thursday, 14 January 2010

Tawny Owls!

The byroad going N out of Dereham, is the only place I have seen Little Owl on my Route. I drive this slowly hoping for another sighting! Today I was rewarded with not a Little Owl, but Tawny Owl perched precariously on the top of a spindly shrub. Amazingly, just N of Thornage, another was seen and this time I was able to get soon pics. Although not high quality, I am very pleased with these!

Later, Barn Owls were seen E of Walsey Hills and perched in woods at the N end of Sherringham Park. Three Marsh Harriers were seen coming out of roost at Cley. Curlews 'curlew-ed' in the dawn light! A couple of Long-tailed Tit flew over the road at Muckleborough.
The evening rain dispersed any idea of prolonged viewing, although an adult Mediterranean Gull was alone in fields between Kelling and Salthouse. 2 Little Egrets cowered in the rain, probably wondering if the snow was better!

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Norfolk 364 BOU, 376 UK400, Year 105, Route 69, Sp 25, SM 47, SF 32

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