Saturday, 9 January 2010

Snow Lazy

As others have been braving the weather, I have lazily been dottering around the house, not even looking at the birds in the garden! Maybe I should have done as there are some lovely photos of a Woodcock in a Blofield Heath garden!

Connor ventured out to Saddlebow, seeing Smew, Scaup and a few Goosander - see his blog for details and pics of the Scaup etc.

Plenty of Woodcock are still being seen foraging out in the open - Rob Lee and Andy have some good pics, showing the numbers.

Julian Bhalerao has again provided some excellent pics, which I share here:

If you have not already done so it is worth reading an account of the Titchwell Diver on Penny's blog - interesting and informative!

Also worth having a look at Rob's blog (listed) where he has got a pic of one of the Golden Pheasants at Wolferton. Obviously an 'obscurus' dark-thraoted, but I can't see any sign of hybridisation. Also some excellent pics of Woodcock, well done Rob!

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