Friday, 2 January 2009

Broads Tour

The day started at Whitlingham Lane, where the 1st win Scaup was soon located. Pic attached of rather worrying quality considering how well the bird was showing!

An hour in Thorpe St Andrews proved fruitless, so I moved onto Ludham, where c100 Bewick's and 7 Whooper Swan were present. From there to Waxham, where, disappointingly the Cranes and done their usual disappearing act, with only flight views of five distant birds obtained. A cruise round the area produced little more, so I carried onto Cantley, then Buckenham, where the Taiga Bean Geese were located (in greater numbers at Buckenham).

A return to Thorpe produce flight views of c17 Waxwing, which I assumed would, then settled on the nice berry bushes - they didn't!
Not the hoped for photo day that I wanted, after the overcast day yesterday.

Year List now stands at 91

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