Sunday, 18 January 2009

Birding gods?

Less than three weeks into the New Year and I believe the Birding gods are trying to tell me something (and no I don't mean the vane human variety)! Having dipped the Killdeer and with the Dipper returning on one of only two days I work (I dipped it again Friday morning), a Great White Egret briefly at Welney (and rumours of a suppressed Arctic Redpoll), I thought things couldn't get any worse (actually I had predicted one event today) but they did.

Today I managed to dip the Great White Egret near Norwich (it flew in this morning, not roosted nearby), then even managed to dip the plastic Falcated Duck - it was a shame more news wasn't forthcoming, such as it was consorting Mallards, as a pic on Surfbirds shows. Why the observer didn't mention this is beyond me! Flight views of the Bittern was little recompense! Then news of the Dipper being found at a new location, and then not seen again, came through before I departed for my daughter's birthday party! Of course it reappeared and showed well!

Oh well, there's always tomorrow...

(I did see a Common Buzzard in the half light at 7.25 am on Thursday, Little Egret flying south over Glandford, Friday and was greeted by a Kingfisher in Keswick!)

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