Sunday, 11 January 2009

1st Big Dip of 2009

A phone call, at 1.15, asking me if I was on my way to see the Killdeer at Saddlebow came as a shock as my pager had not picked up the messages! In a flash I was in the car (decided to have a quiet day a home!) and on my way. Kindly (!?) the calls came as to updates. The bird was still present at 1.30 and I spoke to someone as they watched it! 10 mins later another call came through, just before the pager message to say that it had flown off - I was still about 15min away. The bird was avaiable for 35 pager minutes and was seen by about 15 people, including the two finders, who happened to be lokking for the Smew in the wrong place. I scorned my dip, but admittedly it was not a bad a story as others who had been on site earlier in the day, etc.

The two red-head Smew were seen, along with 2 drake Goosander and 3 Goldeneye, with a Green Sandpiper seen later at the original Killdeer site!

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