Monday, 9 May 2011

May 8th: Catch-up!

So, how did I end up driving back through North Elmham?

Well, a late start had me visiting the patch late morning and, although there was plenty of sound, nothing different, only the hybrid Canada/Greylag flying in with his 'mate'.

From here I moved on to Cley, where the Citrine Wagtail had been seen early morning, but with no further reports (a current bug-bear of mine, more later, maybe) up to midday, I assumed that it had gone. Getting to the sight to find no-one looking and hearing it had disappeared about 8.15am (!!!!!) I was motivated to move onto the Beach Carpark, for Blue-headed Wagtail and the Temminck's Stint on North Scrape. One rant later which JF took the brunt of (although he definitely had more to rant about than me I found out!) the Blue-head was eventually seen, along with 4 male and 3 female 'flavissima'. 4 Wheatear were present, along with 3 Golden Plover and 14 Bar-tailed Godwit, some of both of the latter in spanking breeding plumage!

Onto North Hide, where two of the Temminck's were still showing, and a call from JF to say the Citrine had been seen again (rant admonished!). Quick pic later and I was with the 'crowd' waiting for the other Wagtail to show again!

A showy Sedgy kept a number of us occupied waiting for the Citrine to show again.

Eventually the Citrine Wagtail was seen, but only in flight. Fortunately, it called each time, a slightly rasping 'tzee'. The flight views allowed plumage details such as grey upperpart (head to rump) and lemon yellow wash on underparts, on dark wings and tail, with white, but no detail.

From here I moved onto Gramborough Hill, where JF had mentioned that a stunning male Whinchat was present. It didn't displease, although it didn't really want to be photographed! 3 female Whinchat and 3 Wheatear were also present and there was a steady passage of Swallow.

After observing this stunning Kestrel, I decided not to press my luck and return home to watch the football, the rest, as they say is history!

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