Thursday, 5 May 2011

I Spied with my Little Eye something Red!

Unfortunately, it was a tail and not a rump!

Spent an hour before work at Walsey Hills. It's a place that you either love or hate and, yet, I still manage to do both. Gone is the area the adders used to roost out in the open but here, now the steps - one of which leads to 'nowhere', a 'dead-end' that could so easily be opened up for a circular walk (and where is the lovely access to the public Footpath on top of the hill? An opportunity missed to get people onto the 'property' from all directions! Oh, the politics!

Anyway, in an hour’s looking I had about 20 seconds with the Pied Flycatcher, that then disappeared, only to be seen by one other and not even the people she was with (but at least I got them 'there' in time to jam in on the Red-rumped Swallow - which I duly should have found, but obviously missed at lunchtime! Why was there no update after 9.38? The bird was seen 'til c11.15, flying west over Cley, Beach Road! Well that's a rant for another day!) Nine species of warbler were either singing their hearts out or collecting nesting material or food. Countless forays of birds appearing from the undergrowth, faeces in beak dropping them in an 'appropriate place.' A male Bullfinch graced the scene and the only new bird from yesterday was the aforementioned Red tail and a female at that! Cruising onto work I passed the scene of the later rump related escapade. Couldn't catch up with anything at lunchtime, although an eagle presumably flew over my head!

I was quite pleased with these, taken on Wednesday, especially considering how elusive the bird was! Well that was until I saw Penny's; one of the most exquisite and beautifully framed picture I have ever seen  - see here: 
(remember to check out her blog!)

After work was pretty fruitless, except for catching up with JB who has acquiesce to forward some pictures. They will be worth waiting for :)

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  1. Thank you David, very kind of you!

  2. No problem, Penny, it was a delight to see!

  3. Glad your blog is back.

    I saw an elusive pied flycatcher at Walsey Hills last August, whilst looking for a non-existent icterine warbler early doors. Of the many others present the only other person who saw it was Julian Bhalerao who saw the bird before I had brief views!

  4. Good to see you back in blogland Mr Chill. That Facebook thing'll never take off.