Sunday, 8 May 2011

25: MEGA Norfolk COLLar< ...

... was the message that I received just as I entered North Elmham! Even on this a U-turn was in order (much to the disgust of a car I had just overtaken!) After trying, and initially failing to contact Dave, I realised Connor had tried to contact me twice, this was a big clue to the birds location, even if I wasn't sure what the bird actually was. However, about ten minutes later I had met up with Dave and jumped into his car and about half an hour later we were on sight! After a brief, but seemingly long wait, Dave Holman got his scope on the bird and there it was, stunning! Beautifully black-and-white, with a large white wing-bar and forehead and mottled rump and of course a complete white collar!
(Edit: forgot to menion that clear views showed brown on the wings and this, with the limited white above the bill, ages the bird as a first summer!)

I am seriously looking forward to having some proper pictures to post! Watch this space.

The seemingly elusive Wood Warbler was also seen on a number of occasions!

Thanks go to David Roche for finding the bird, as he returned for another look at the Wood Warbler (it seems that others had reported a Pied Flycatcher earlier!) and also to Connor for trying to get in touch asap, plus Penny and Ray for just  being there! To them all for getting the news of such a Mega out so quickly. Also, obviously to Dave for getting me there in one piece, Dave Holman for initially getting me on the bird and to (nearly :)) everyone else there to share such an amazing experience!

Finished the evening at Thornham, where 3 Whinchat (1 male), male Wheatear and Whimbrel were seen amongst other things!

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