Monday, 27 April 2009

'Real' Golden Beauty

With the 'tickability' of the Golden Pheasants at Wolferton very much under debate, a trip to find the calling birds in the Brecks seemed neccesary. Having looked before, but not succeeded, I was pleased to hear a bird not too soon after arrival. It was easy to track down, although careful searching of the ground did not reveal the bird, although it was obviously close. The solution was soon obvious, as I looked up to find the bird above my head!

2 Little Tern off Winterton were the highlights there (plus one Wheatear)!
9 Swift over Filby Broad were my first of the year.
Greenshank Burgh Castle, but no sign of the Great White Egret.
Leucistic Egyptian Goose

Just for the 'Ahh!' factor, at Ormsby Little Broad

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