Saturday, 11 April 2009

Breydon Plover: current conclusion!

Better put by 'simple' (I hope he doesn't mind me copying his post!)

The bill is long (more typical of PGP) and thin (more typical of AGP) - highly subjective!
The leg length certainly gives the impression of being long and in line with PGP, in flight does extend just beyond the tail tip
The extent of dark (very obvious) in the ear coverts - typical of AGP
p9 is broken left wing(I don't think it is completely missing?)
Counted the P's beyond the longest tertial - which is present and fully grown - 4 p's in total beyond tertials - AGP
P's are not closely spread as often found in PGP thats rarely found in AGP and as a result the p spacing looked more in line with AGP
P10 significantly projects beyond rectrices
Golden colouration on mantle and scaps - more typical of PGP, edges of scap and mantle feathering is broad and not as narrow as typically found on AGP, but looks more consistant of AGP in coverts
underparts are very grey and white recalling Pec sand colouration of the breast area - typical AGP
Uniformly dark capped - AGP?

On balance AGP, but some features do point toward PGP - although one may argue these are the more subjective features backing a PGP conclusion

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