Wednesday, 1 April 2009

One That Got Away

Yesterday, we decided that Snettisham was as good a place as any to find some early migrants. It was hard work, although six or seven Barn Owls, ringtail Hen Harrier and Marsh Harrier kept us company. A single Wheatear was seen with a second later around he pits and a couple of Swallows flew through. Then suddenly, "What is that?" came the call. I looked to see a small, but in the brief glimpse, seemingly long and slender streaky finch, with a buff/yellow wash disappear over a bush. Better views were had by my companion, who saw yellow face markings of a squatter bird! Two hours later, there was no further sign! Oh, well!
Later we visited Pentney, where Wheatear, Little Ringed Plover and a strange Wigeon were noted.

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