Monday, 9 February 2009

Undisclosed Site (Not in West Norfolk!)

News reached me of two Long-eared Owls at a roost site and hoping to get some pics I ambled along. Unfortunately, I had not understood the directions well and the owls saw me before I saw them. They both flew out of roost, with one landing briefly in a field before heading off out of view. One was again seen later in flight (with a much more sociable Barn Owl around), but not wanting to disturb them any more than I had already I departed. Nearby, three Tree Sparrows were seen.

My closest 'rival' found a Rough-legged Buzzard today, I really need to have a little more 'luck' (only joking - good find - I'll be out around Massingham tomorrow, me thinks, with his sighting being just north of here (weather permitting!) Humm! He's not going to count it now, although his description sounded good to me!!

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