Saturday, 7 February 2009

Triple Dip Day!

Still wanting to get some good pictures of Waxwings, I headed off the Thorpe St Andrews. There was clearly no sign, so I set off to Buckenham Marshes, driving past the entrance to Strumpshaw Fen. Just as I reached the Mill, the fruitless search was inturrpted by news of the Penduline Tit at Strumpshaw. A hasty retreat found me at the Fen Hide about five minutes after the Tit had flown off! 5 1/2 hours later I returned home!

At least two Bitterns, two Bearded Tit, two (+) Mealy Redpoll with about a dozen Lessers, two Barn Owls, Sparrowhawk, 30+ frisky Coot and six Marsh Harriers at roost (and a few humans) kept me company.

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