Saturday, 21 February 2009

Bonus Birds Day

We failed to find the target birds of the day, but others eclipsed the misses. We started at Sheringham Park and failed to find our two target bird. However, whilst nearing the end of our visit, news broke of a Hooded Crow at nearby Beeston Regis. The status of this bird has changed dramatically over recent years (to the extent that one observer on site stated that they were now rarer than Radde's and Blyth's Reed Warbler!) This was the first 'twitchable' bird for many years and an excellent addition to the year list! Twitchable is a little excessive as it was only 'available' for 40 minutes.
From here we continued on to Thornham (via Guist / Great Ryburgh, hoping for a reported Red Kite amongst others - I had previously stated that it was a good Red Kite day (before reports started coming out) but Little Egret was the best bird). There was no sign of any Lapland Buntings, but at least 20 Ruff, including two 'flagged' birds and other waders. We decided to try again for the rough-leg and was rewarded when 'my driver' found a Red Kite drifting NW over Shernbourne. At least 7 Common Buzzards were seen around, but still nothing resembling a rough-leg!
Although there had been negative news, I still had a short hunt for the White Stork near home. There was no sign, but an Egyptian Goose stood proudly in the supposed field!


  1. Nice one with Red Kite,

    thanks for adding me to the list, realise we are slight different ends of the birding spectrum and may have the odd'disagreemnt' this year but at the end of the day it all 'argy bargy'

    like the blog and good luck with the list this year

  2. Cheers Argy, good to see you 'on-line'
    Variety is the spice of life, as 'they' say!
    Diasagreements?! No more than usual!!
    Keep the faith!

  3. Very nice pics of the kite - nice one