Saturday, 14 February 2009

Brecks and Beyond (Well Beyond)

A reasonably successful day (even more successful for others), but still ending with that year listing frustration!
We started in the Brecks, briefly listening for Golden Pheasant and Lesser Spotted Woodpecker with no success. This was soon overtaken by the beautiful song of Woodlark overhead, whilst watching two successive Goshawks do flybys and then perched in the top of pines, the first was an adult and the second an imm. Also around were a couple of Crossbills and Red-tailed Hawk(!) as well as three Barn Owls on the way. From here the journey was taken to Matlaske, as 'my' driver had not yet seen the Cattle Egret. Fortuitously, it was refound just before we arrived and it was seen sat on a hay bale with Cattle around! Most of the afternoon was spent searching the NW for Rough-legged Buzzard. At least six Common Buzzard, two Hen Harriers, 3 Sparrowhawk, Kestrel and Peregrine were seen, but on Rough-legged (although it has now been reported at 5pm near Sandringham!) Whilst in the NW my driver(!) managed to see a Black Redstart recently, which disappeared too quickly for me to see! As we were looking for it news of the Black-necked Grebe came through from Gypsy Lane. Being more of a priority we made our way over and had good views walking in from Brancaster. A great end to the day, only dampened by news of a Raven NE over Roydon Common (80 minutes after it was seen).

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