Friday, 17 September 2010

Raven' Mad!

Do you ever try to talk yourself out of a sighting? That's what I tried to do today! Why, you ask? Because of the disbelief, incredulity and dismissive nature of some of my 'peers'. Sad isn't it!

Anyway, an early start, wanting to try and see some Lapland Buntings, had me out on the road with Barn Owls at Dereham, North Earlham and County School. Just as I was heading north out of Wood Norton on the B1110, I spied a Buzzard sized bird out of the corner of my eye. Expecting it to be the said species I was surprised to be greeted by a huge jet black bird! It turned away from the road, slightly spreading its obviously wedged shaped tail! I was struck by the length of the wings and the clearly defined 'hand'. Even the thick neck and heavy bill was noted. A stunning Raven! I turned an stopped to see the bird departing west towards Swanton Novers Great Wood in the company of a couple of Rooks, which it naturally dwarfed!

Onto Cley I made my way down the East bank to the pinging of Bearded Tits. Arnold's Marsh held a good variety of waders, but my quarry lay further ahead, so I headed east along the shingle ridge. My eyes kept on being drawn to the sea, which again seemed quite busy, with more Arctic Skuas passing and the occasional Bonxie - all viewed just with bins. After a while, about half way down Arnold's a group of 5 Lapland Buntings flew up, chippering away and landed nearby. I continued further down and located a lovely group of ten birds half way down the Sea Pool. Stopping to watch them for a while, my attention drifted back to the sea. A couple more Arctic went passed and then a brute of a Pomerine Skua cruised past! A little later and a few more Arctics on, another pale dainty Skua went through - Long-tailed? Probably! The group of 5 buntings were again seen on the way back. A special morning.

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