Thursday, 16 September 2010

Opportunistic Seawatch

Having seen the local news suggest that there would be NWerlies this morning, I decided to have a look at the sea from Salthouse before work. Arriving around 7 am, I immediately noticed that the winds were Werly, if not with a bit of South! However, a quick look produced a few Gannets, so I decided to give it a 'few' minutes. Quickly a number of skuas had passed, most identified as Great, with smaller numbers of Arctic and a number of un-i'ded (!) distant birds, inc a probable shearwater sp (!) Then a small, graceful, light Skua came into view at mid distance, bouncing along as it passed (yes, that's my description for this scarce 'description required bird'!!), a juv Long-tailed Skua. A few more Bonxies and Arctics passed in the 1/2 hour I was there before I disappeared off to work! Presumably the NWerlies were further North and had still moved birds down the North Sea.

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