Monday, 27 September 2010


Unmentioned in my write-up yesterday was an unexpected phone call from a freelance journalist, called Jo Riley (see ) asking about my experience on the Point, looking for the Flycatcher. We chatted and I ended up forwarding my and Julian's pics for consideration for an article:

Todays papers:
Daily Mirror
 Daily Telegraph
Daily Express
 (the only paper to acknowledge Julian as the bird's photographer!)
I can also be spotted in the crowd pics of the lower two - shame you can't make out the Disney Parks logo on the back of my cagoule!

See also:

It also made The Sun
(congrats also to Penny for her crowd pics (and others I do not know))

I did make it clear that the birds identification was unclear and probably back to Alder or Willow, but I expect the text had been passed on by then.

PS The relivancy will be unkown to most but lovely to see a rainbow in the pics!
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