Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Casual Birding

Having returned from a few weeks in Florida a couple of weeks ago, I had missed the main arrival that had befallen Norfolk. There had been some excellent scarce birds around, particularly at Holme, but I haven't been inspired to rush up there!

I eventually went and saw the Wryneck at Cley on my way to work and was immediately greeted with moans and groans about photographers etc getting too close (also post on Birdforum). However, despite all this gossip, the bird was still present and showed well, appearing from its roost in the brambles then feeding amongst the spares vegetation. I managed to get others on it and suggested to new arrivals that it would be good not to get too close. Viewing from such distance was not necessary, but kept people happy!

A couple of forlorn walks around Walsey hills, looking for the reportedly still present Icterine, were only enjoyable through the fresh air I got! As productive was Gramborough Hill, but at least a few warblers sulked to give me hope!

Oh well, maybe I'll get out again, but then again...

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