Sunday, 17 May 2009

We've Been Collared! (Sorry)

Friday 15th
Knowing I needed to get to Norwich to pick up Megan, time was pressing, but I still managed to see the Wood Warbler along he track to Kelling Heath, running south opposite Mucklebprough Collection. It sang about 10 minutes after I got there and I had brief but good views of this delightful species high in the tree top. There were no birders, let alone birds in Cley Village, so I headed to Norwich (unfortunately knowing a Black Kite - good find by Mark - was heading west). A quick pick up was made when news that the kite was supposedly heading back east and I returned to the coast with Megan. The kite was not reported again, so the promised beach play was had!
Literally as we were getting in the car the pager went off with news of a Collared Pratincole at Salthouse. We arrived within minutes to find no-one watching the bird and only Duncan driving around, as perplexed as me! Fortunately the finder returned - he had departed to get news out, if only all birders were like this - and he soon picked it up exactly where he had left it. Only the head was on view, but some manoeuvring produced most of the body and wings. Others soon arrived as Megan enjoyed playing in the mud!
A detour to West Runton produced a Grey Plover that initially looked more interesting and Connor picked up a 'dark-headed' Wagtail, which John identified as one of these Grey-headed types with a slight supercillium.
A return to Salthouse was fortuitous as the Collared Pratincole decided to make its only flight since being reported! The evening was finished listening to a Nightjar that was seen briefly as some 'birders' walked onto the edge of the Heath!
Briefly interesting Grey Plover, West Runton

Avocet with chicks on Eye Pool

Thursday 14th
An after school trip of Dotteral (well 2 birds) were at Weybourne, where 6 Black Tern flew east south of the cemetery. At Cley the Citrine Wagtail and Kentish Plover, along with at least 1 Temminck's Stint and 3 Black Tern were still present.

2 Dotteral, both female, Weybourne
Black Tern and Common Sandpiper, Cley NWT

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