Monday, 11 May 2009

Slow, Birds Passing

Saturday 9th
An early start trying to find our own birds was not really rewarded, with the best bird a fly over Tree Pipit! I eventually ended up back at Cley watching the Red-rumps, which were, occasionally, showing much better. Whilst here, I found a 1st sum Montagu's Harrier which I was able to point out to others. A chase around had me finally connecting with the Grey-headed Wagtail (with white behind the eye) as well as a number of female birds which also could have been!) A possible 1st year Blue-headed Wagtail was also seen at Friary Hills.
Highlights of an early start in the east: 4 Red Deer, Seal Colony and 'greenland' Wheatear

Friday 8th
Couldn't resist spending some time watching the two Red-rumped Swallows at Friary Hills and later Marsh Lane, Cley, although they never showed that well.

Thursday 7th
News of a possible Brown-headed Cowbird was met with a muted response, with only 3 people still looking when I popped down at lunchtime (oh, for the news 24 hours later, how different things could have been!)
After school I headed over toward Stiffkey for the Temminck's, but delayed when negative news came through, I delayed. At 4 it was reported again, so I made my way over, put up my scope, saw the bird and then noticed a pager message that a Red-foot had flown through 15 minutes before. A few hours was spent searching after it to no avail.

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