Monday, 1 February 2010

View(point) from the other side of the Fence!

Whilst watching the Diver this morning I commented that I would probably not put the news out on the pager. This decision was question with  a response of, 'I don't agree with suppression'! Those who know me will realise that this is (generally) my own personal viewpoint. However, a return in the evening reminded why I can understand other's viewpoints. Nothing outrageous, but enough to make me think!

I arrived to find the bird on the Horseshoe (Pump) Pit. Only a few people were there (so I suppose that makes it alright?!), but they were gathered on the southern side, well away from any official path (or even the unofficial path that the fishermen allow people to use) but it is only 'wasteland', so I suppose that makes it alright?! Another car arrived and parked directly in front of the gate down to the fishers carpark, therefore blocking access, but it was late and no fishermen were likely to arrive - so I suppose that makes it alright?! A little later another car arrived through the fisherman's access track, where it is clearly signed 'members only'. I questioned why he had driven down and, after he'd found out that I had no official capacity, said, 'Nowt to do with you then!' (he was from Coventry), but there were only a few people fishing, so I suppose that makes it alright then?! He was gone within 15 minutes, saying about the bird, 'Bl***y B*****d of a bird, kept diving!' - I think you can imagine what I thought!

Oh well, rant over! Do you reckon I'll put the news out tomorrow if it is still there?!?
(but feel free to phone if you'd like to know!!)

Norfolk Bird Info to:
Mobile: 07749779149

Norfolk 364 BOU, 376 UK400, Year 147, Route 86, Sp 64, SM 65, SF 32

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