Thursday, 4 February 2010

H'Owl'ing Success! (Apologies!)

I decided to make the most of my change in 'work' location today.
The morning excursion produced Peregrine and Little Egret, but little else of note, as the fog slowly lifted.
However, the afternoon sites proved much, much more fruitful. The first stop produced the goods earlier than expected. A 3rd year (or poss adult) Hen Harrier drifted back and forth throughout the time I was there, although not always on view. An imm female Merlin flew in, landed on a nearby post, looked around and flew off about as quickly as I could lift my bins! A single ringtail hen Harrier appeared distantly. Then it or another flew by and landed (out of view), then arose, scuffling with a second bird. This bird then continued and tussled with what I thought was going to be another, but as it took flight it turned out to be a Short-eared Owl! Another Merlin (or possibly the same, but it seemed smaller) headed over high, briefly chasing a Meadow Pipit. Surprisingly amongst all this two Woodlark flew over (their short tailed, stubby appearance noticeable), seemingly purposefully heading South!
From here I moved on to a site where Little Owls are regular (see where this is going?!?) where one was perched distantly.
Continuing onto the final destination of the day, the hoped for Barn Owl was seen quartering fields.
Parking up in the developing gloom and up onto the bank the wait started. Two Woodcock flew from the wooded area, quickly followed by brief views of the long-wing quarry, a Long-eared Owl! To my dismay the reason for this activity became apparent, as a man appeared with two dogs out of the undergrowth! At least one Tawny Owl was heard calling, as well as a single screech from a presumed Barn Owl. A continued wait and two more Woodcock flew out and the dog 'walker' reappeared, got in his car and departed. Soon after DA arrived, saw a Woodcock and missed two others together, and then, within minutes had a close flyby of the Long-eared Owl, about 20 metres away! A number of shapes in the dark were seen, but nothing else identifiable!

Norfolk Bird Info to:
Mobile: 07749779149

Norfolk 364 BOU, 376 UK400, Year 151, Route 86, Sp 72, SM 73, SF 34


  1. how do we make sense of the locations - sorry to be dim! t.x

  2. Hi, Kitschen Pink!
    My post is unfortunately, purposefully vague and non-committal to sites. People who know me realise there are certain birds that are prone to disturbance that I will not divulge locations. Sorry about that!