Saturday, 7 March 2009

Reported possible Gyr, but where were the birders?

A late start had me travelling NW when the pager went off with news of a possible white Gyr west over Cromer. A quick detour had me heading to Cley at top speed. I thought i'd find others looking for the bird, but there seemed to be no-one out. I past the centre, East Bank, Walsey Hills, Salthouse etc, no-one. The first birders I found were at West Runton and they soon departed as there had been no sign. An adult mediterranean Gull help pass the time as well as story telling and discussion about the Thrush, amongst other birds!

From here I travelled west, with still little sign of birder life! Not much was seen, although two Black Brants (I believe these are pure) were in Wells Harbour. News of the Rough-leg showing well (where I had originally planned to start) made me continue to Wolferton, where one Rough-legged Buzzard was seen as well as Peregrine, Hen and Marsh Harrier an 2 Barn Owls. I ended up at Roydon Common (after failing to find any 'Golden' Pheasant), where the Great Grey Shrike was seen, as well as two Hen Harriers - male and ringtail - and two Woodlark. Someone suggested that the Shrike might be of one of the southern races, but I don't know enough to say anything!

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