Saturday, 10 September 2011


Finally decided to go up to Titchwell around mid-day (having disappointingly watched England scrape through their first match in the Rugby World Cup) and met up with JB, patiently waiting for the Little Bittern to show - well maybe not that patiently as we irately talked about the inconsistencies of certain people's birding morals :) Fortunately, Steve refound the Bittern further down the track and, after some reed filled views, the bird showed wonderfully well! The Buff-breasted Sandpiper was rather distant, but still appreciated as it feed with Ruff and nearby Curlew Sandpiper. There were plenty of Pied Wagtails, but I couldn't find a Citrine, but a well-marked Yellow Wagtail was probably one of the 'headed' varieties. Although probably still around, I didn't see the Cattle Egret.

Edit below!

Obviously the observant ones amongst you have been wondering why I posted pictures of three Ruff, but to polite to ask. Well the truth is you are more observant than I am! No deliberate mistake here (just reaffirming some people's judgements)! Assumptions were made and I learn from my mistakes! I really should carry a scope! Thanks to JB for his patient and non-patronising correction!!

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  1. Cracking pictures David! Hoping to get up there tomorrow morning.
    Good to meet u at cantley last week.