Monday, 19 April 2010

Return to the Route List!

I have decided, in the vain attempt to increase my list(!), to enlarge the area of my 'route Patch' (and have been previously informed by an eminent patch watcher that this is 'allowed' - but probably not for my reason!!) So I will now include sites that I would have previously walked to from the route itself! This opens up the hides at Cley (but not North Scrape!), Iron Road, Kelling Water Meadows (although I usually try to avoid here(!)), Muckleburgh Hill (although I find this place too scary), Weybourne Coastguards Cottages and the 'Sheringham' area! Now all I need to do is find some birds!

Norfolk Bird Info to:
Mobile: 07749779149

Norfolk 376 UK400, 364 BOU, Year 179, Route 128, Sp 92, SM 100, SF 48

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  1. What's so scary about Muckleburgh Hill?