Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Triple Twitch!

Having been rather stationary over the last few days and delayed in any early movement today, I responded to the temptation to go up and look for an Alpine Swift seen at East Runton, which was supported by White-fronted Goose and Spoonbill (which I had forgotten about as I left!)

As I traveled news came that the bird was reported over West Runton, could it be a route tick as well? Well, no as it hung around there rather than continuing West! I went via Walsey and saw the 2 White-fronted Goose present, although asleep further east of East Bank! The Swift was still lingering over West Runton, so I decided to continue rather than wait for it to come to me! I arrived to the news that it hadn't been seen for a while and then, before I could get out the car someone received a call that it was at Cromer. I continued on and after another phone call and some 'imaginative' parking I came to be standing on the sea font when it reappeared! It came close at times, but preferred to circle the church, approaching it with intent at times and was last seen just before 5.00pm when it might have roosted on the tower! The (?) Glaucous Gull flew west just before the Swift reappeared!)
These last two record shots were taken by Julian Bhalerao, as we stood together watching the bird (he fortunately relocated the bird over Cromer in the first place!)

Having remembered the Spoonbill, I returned to Walsey, where the bird could be seen distantly on North Scrape (and, amazingly, from the end of East bank, where about 5m of North Scrape can be seen!) A male Mandarin was briefly on Snipe's Marsh before taking flight and possibly moving onto the main reserve. A Peregrine was seen, probably a different bird to before, seeming much smaller. Two Little Egret were seen together.

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Norfolk 364 BOU, 376 UK400, Year 168, Route 118, Sp 81, SM 83, SF 36

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