Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Another Local First...

...well at least for me!
Having seen some pictures posted of emerging Purple Hairstreaks, I was tempted to ask for some directions. However, this became unnecessary, when on Sunday (out primarily looking for dragons and damsels) I located a small colony in Oaks at Swanton Morley. I couldn't recall anyone mentioning these before, so was very pleased with the find. The pictures are nothing special, but at lest they are of 'my own' Hairstreaks!
Hopefully another visit on a later date will produce some better pictures!

Since then, I have received this e-mail from Andy Brazil (via norfolk-wildlife yahoo group):
They are indeed more common then most people realise. However, if Swanton

Morley Fisheries is the same place as "swanton pools" at TG018188, then yes,
I have records from 2002, 2004 and 2005. If it's not the same place then I don't think we have it.
I have confirmed that it is the same location, although the grid reference here is for the 'old' access entrance and not for the colony itself.

The Bee Orchids are also still in flower:

...and there were some birds about:

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