Monday, 6 June 2011

Reelin' Good Gropper!

Having done the 'round' y'day, I finally decided to pay a visit to Ian's Grasshopper Warblers. He has had three reeling birds and had said they showed well, so there wasn't really any debate, just wondered why it took me so long! However, there was no sight nor sound when I got there and after a while and a-wandering, I came across Ian himself, who, too, was surprised at the lack of activity - especially considering he had seen one well enough to video around lunchtime!

Fortunately, after a while a single bird started up (Ian heard ti well before I did - I do worry about my hearing), which we quickly saw, although briefly. It continued to sing when another bird started up nearby. Interestingly a third bird appeared in view, but move on quickly, without a 'reel', a female perhaps. Soon another, much louder, bird began - Ian wondered if it was a more dominant bird - and again showed well in the increasing gloom. Further wandering produced two more bird, so up to five altogether, although it wasn't possible to be sure they were all different.

Whilst chatting Ian reminded me (actually showed :)) the locality of some Tree Sparrows, but there was unsurprisingly no sign so late in the evening.

A couple of other interesting sightings were a single Water Vole and a pair of moths, I thought presumably Drinker. The first was a large ghostly white figure and was then joined by a more dingy second, does that sound right.

Obviously, the light was not conducive to pictures, so I returned today (having not found Quail) when one Grasshopper Warbler showed well and 10+ Tree Sparrow, including at least 4 young were seen:

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